Day Two: Amazing Free Web Tools
(each session repeats two times a day, so you have two chances)

Prerequisite for all classes: A wireless ready laptop

Dave Childers:
Using Diigo and Posterous and TED and ???? to make professional development and "best practices" mean something!

Will Kimbley:
Developing interactive, multimedia math and science lessons with FREE web based resources such as: ThatQuiz, NLVM, Math OpenRef, Real Math, GeoGebra, Thinkfinity, Spy Guys, Wolfram Demonstrations...Focuses on math and science based classrooms. Utilizing Jing, Protopage, Edmodo, and Quizlet.

Will's Web Tools session workpage

It would be a great timesaver if you could complete Assignment 1 as homework before we start our session

Danny Silva:
Free and or Open Source tools to take your school and classroom to the next level. Examples include Open Source applications and cloud computing tools used at Le Grand High School. Tools include: Google Apps and Wordpress in the classroom, and a demo of an Ubuntu LTSP program and Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) project for 1 to 1 netbook deployment. (with special guest Andrew Schwab)

Alice Keeler:
Using to create materials for students to study and for parents to have resources to work with their kids at home.
How students can post their videos in a safe environment. How to combine various services into one site--how to embed content and keep it "inline".

Patrick Wilson:
Flickr and other cool sites for photography. How to share student work on the web and create groups to enhance learning.

**Ryan Hansen:**
Teach for Mastery. Let’s get kids to know our top ten standards 100%, Instead of 25% of all the standards. The tools I use to teach mastery. Web based and project based classes in your classroom. Learn about free online whiteboards, Thatquiz, Vimeo and mastery based lesson design.

Jon Corippo:
How to Iron Chef a Lesson: Use all kinds of free internet tools. Maximize student skills in any subject. Tools you learn to use include:Google Advanced Search, Quizlet, Google Presentation, Shmoop, Thatquiz, DocStoc, Slideshare and More!
Jon's Iron Chef Session