Day Three: Using Podcasts and Creating Video for Massive Instruction
(each session repeats two times a day, so you have two chances)

Prerequisite for all classes: A wireless ready laptop, in the FINAL CUT class, laptops will be provided.

JUST ADDED: Frank Guttler
Lights, Camera, Learn!: Basic Visual Literacy and Filmmaking in the Classroom

In this fast paced session, participants will explore aligning basic concepts of screen language to written grammar with model lessons for classroom film/video projects using commercially available DVDs and web 2.0 tools.

Dave Childers:
You Are Public Relations

Do you need ADA? Take this primer course for getting your school publicity using multiple sources (You Tube, Vimeo, iTunes, Twitter,iPadio,etc) from the principal of a successful brand new Charter High School. You will learn how to get "good press" and spread your message of success in your community. Besides being a principal, Mr. Childers is a former USC journalism major, a freelance writer, a freelance copy editor, and has also done consulting for one of Fresno's largest ad agencies.

Will Kimbley:
Developing a 3-5 minute daily school news broadcast that features and reinforces student learning, school new, and school spirit. How to use Animoto to capture student learning activities and reinforce learning with student interviews about learning events. How to download and rip ready made videos with Real Player and Tooble. Changing file formats with Zamzar and Real Player. Ripping dvds with Handbrake. Finding mp3 audio with Producing and Editing News with iMovie. Uploading to Vimeo. - And how to do all this absolutely FREE. Focus on using iMovie on Mac computers for editing. If you are comfortable editing video on a PC you are welcome as we have some amazing free resources you can use.
Attendee Animoto productions:

Will's Daily News Broadcast session workspace

It would be a great timesaver if you could complete Assignment 1 as homework before we start our session
(Optional) You may want to bring some still pictures and/or video clips - or a camera

YES News Thursday, May27, 2010 from Yokomi Yes News on Vimeo.

Danny Silva:
How to use simple and cheap/free hardware and software to create a video bulletins, podcasts or introductions for your lessons.
Mr. Silva is a co-creator of the Small Schools, Big Tech podcast. (with special guest Andrew Schwab co-creator of the Small Schools, Big Tech podcast)

Alice Keeler:
Use green screens to teach The Basics of Digital Storytelling, featuring iMovie 09 and Photobooth. Learn how to make and share
digital stories with your students, using the magical "green screen" process. It will make you the coolest teacher in your school!
Also learn: basic videography, scripting tips and techniques and how to share your work online! (Link to iMovie greenscreen how to)

Patrick Wilson:
An Intro To Final Cut Express. Learn to use the software 90% of Hollywood prefers. We will provide Final Cut ready laptops for
you to use. While you make a commercial, you will learn: basic ingestion techniques, editing and transitions, titling and export workflows.
(If you LOVE Final Cut Express, the education price is only $99 and it will run on most any Mac.)

U Can't Touch This-McLane 2010 Lip Dub from Patrick Wilson on Vimeo.

One day of rehearsal, six takes, a bad stereo, and A LOT of FUN! Congrats to all the students of McLane High who stuck it out and got it right--on the final take! Oh, and credits..they render...sometimes. Thanks to the entire DMA Video crew for the dedication--a great start in a long line of McLane lip dubs! THANX to Ms. Nixon for all support! Please comment.

**Ryan Hansen:**
Put online video to work to get rid of homework. How to use video to put your homework online using YouTube and Vimeo. Learn about resources like iTunes University, The Khan Academy, document cameras for video lessons, screencasting and how to create your own online "channels". Math emphasis, but useful for most any class.

Jon Corippo:
Jon's Advanced Keynote Session