Rock Star Interactives and Multimedia

By the end of this session you will have:
  • Explored and discovered multimedia interactives
  • Developed a method of organizing them for use with your classroom
  • Created an interactive lesson for your students

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

  • Create an assignment for YOUR CLASS using Edmodo
    • Make sure you include links to online interactives or multimedia
    • Create a quiz related to the lesson in ClassMarker
      • Assign the quiz to the ClassMarker group you created in Assignment 1
      • Put link to quiz in Edmodo lesson
      • Share the quiz with me and at least two of your neighbors under 'Share with other instructors'
  • Send link to Edmodo lesson to

Assignment 3

Assignment 4 (optional)


Will's classroom website
Wolfram Demonstrations

That Quiz
Real Math
Math OpenRef
Math Warehouse
Spy Guys
Middle School Math Interactives
Math Continuum
Math 5 Live
Math TV
Math Snacks

Discovery - Build Your Own Volcano
PBS Savage Earth
National Geographic Forces of Nature
NASA Astroventure

Creating a classroom website with

Math Resources Prezi: