Rock Star Google Docs
By the end of the session you will be able to:

Create, edit, and share documents and power points in Google Docs

Download your creations for use in Microsoft Office & upload Office documents into Google Docs

Create and use folders for student work management

Link to instructions text

Assignment 1
  • Open and sign in
  • Click on 'Create New' and select 'Document'
  • Format the document in the style you would typically require of your students - name, date, title, etc
  • Type a short paragraph - include at least 4 mistakes in spelling or punctuation
  • Title the document (by clicking where it says 'Untitled Document') - make sure you include your name in the title
  • Share the document with at least two neighbors
  • Open and edit at least one error in the first document shared with you
  • Open the other documentshared with you and make a copy:
    • click on 'File' in the Docs toolbar
    • click on 'Make a Copy'
    • Re-title document - include your name in document title
    • edit errors in document
    • Share it to me at

Assignment 2

  • Create a new document with a paragraph for YOUR CLASS to edit with errors typical to your grade level and standards.

  • Share it to me at
  • Click on 'File' (in the Docs toolbar) -> 'Download as' -> 'Word'
  • Open downloaded file in Microsoft Word, then close

Assignment 3

  • Go to Docs homepage and click on 'Upload' (its right next to 'Create New')
  • Find a Word document on your computer you have already created
  • Upload and convert document to Google Docs format
    • notice that you can convert text from PDFs as well

Assignment 4

  • Form small groups of 3-4
  • Choose a simple science concept and divide up which pages each member will be responsible for - Question, Hypothesis, etc
  • One person will create and share a blank presentation
    • Click on 'Create New' -> 'Presentation'
    • share with group
  • Group members open shared presentation and create additional slides
    • Click on 'Slide' -> 'New Slide'
  • Presentation appearance can be changed
    • 'Format' -> 'Presentation Settings'
  • Include at least one picture
  • Share it to me at

Assignment 5
  • From Docs homepage create new spreadsheet
  • Create labeled columns (or rows) showing how many men, women, and computers are in the room
  • Highlight data then click on 'Insert' and select 'Chart'
  • Choose a chart style, label the axes, and save
  • Click on the graph, then the 'Chart' dropdown and select 'Save Image'
  • Go to the presentation from Assignment 4, create a new page and insert the image of your graph

Assignment 6

  • Create a presentation template for YOUR CLASS in the format that you would typically require
  • Share it to me at

Assignment 7

  • From Docs homepage create new folder titled Daily Editing
  • Share folder with everyone you have collaborated with today (don't forget me)
  • Drag and drop the document you created in Assignment 1 into your Daily Editing folder
  • With the Daily Editing folder highlighted in the left-hand column, create a new folder titled Completed Work
  • Share folder with everyone you have collaborated with today
  • Place the documents you edited in Assignment 1 in the Completed Work folders of the person who shared it with you

Assignment 8

  • Create folders to organize and assign student work for YOUR CLASS