2011 Rock Star Teacher Camp Day TWO (Aug 3, 2011) - Media Day
Make videos, podcast with audio and video, cut up videos and teach with Media

BRING A LAPTOP - Day TWO Sessions start at 1030 am and go until 1230- All Sessions repeat after lunch, from 200 - 400pm
(later starts are for Dave Childers and folks on the Ken Shelton Photo Safari)

Ken Shelton's Yosemite National Park Photo Safari deperts Chukchansi Gold parking lot at 5 am!
(Ken's wiki) Feel free to join the safari, even if you aren't going to attend Ken's class. =)


Jim Klein
aka Captain Fr33d0m

Chris Scott
aka The Gamestormer

Learn to Deploy the ALL FREE UBERMIX for Netbooks
(Includes a free flashdrive for the first ten participants)

Empowering Students and Teachers with Netbooks, Open Source, and Web 2.0
The potential of technology to transform learning has always been clear, yet the implementation of a technology-rich learning environment has traditionally been expensive, complex, and downright frustrating! However, new, low cost hardware options (netbooks), combined with free software and services can create a powerful mix of ingredients for building participatory culture in schools. In this session, participants will install and configure a netbook using free software, learn just how easy managing netbooks in the classroom can be, and explore a variety of powerful (free) tools and strategies for their use. Join us and discover how the power of freedom can transform your classroom today!
Andrew Schwab -
aka The Podcaster
Google Certified Teacher

Make Your Own Bat Signal! -
Podcasting and Screencasting with students Bring your Laptops! In this session we’ll cover the basics of Podcasting - not sure what that is then definitely stop by. We’ll use
the tools for creating and posting a simple podcast and then dive into
how to use screencasting with students to help them practice their
presentation skills.
Alice Keeler & Gini Pierce Cummings -
Google Certified Teacher

Crush the Competition with Mad Media Skills -
Be prepared to shake the universe with Google Sites. Save children from not knowing what their homework is. Save parents from having to teach their kids math. Impress your fellow teachers with your SUPER website! Google sites is an easy to use webpage that will integrate all of your Google tools. Use Google Sites to create a classroom website, to collaborate with other teachers and to have students create digital portfolios.
Frank Guttler -
Google Certified Teacher and holds a
BA degree in Cinema - Television
Arts and Electronic Media Management from California State University, Northridge.

Lights, Camera, Learn! presents
A Thousand Words: Compelling Storytelling with Still Images and Good Editing.
This hands-on workshop explores concepts of fundamental screen grammar in visual storytelling and
how choices in the editing process can enhance or distract from a story. This lesson can be adapted when
teaching a digital video or photography class, or as part of a unit across the curriculum and models applications
in History and Social Studies.
Participants will :
• Access free images for educators from the Library of Congress.
• Get an example lesson plan to adapt.
• BYOL for hands-on editing project with emphasis placed on proper use of transitions and effects.
Dave Childers -
aka Green Lantern
Google Certified Teacher
Podcasting and Multicasting for the absolute beginner.
So maybe you have heard of Podcasts. Or even heard an actual Podcast. But is it really possible to be able to create your won Podcast and/or Multicast in just one sitting?
Final products that you can amaze your friends, family, coworkers and students with via social media or even
smart phones? Absolutely. Come explore Podomatic and see just how really simple all of that can be.
Elizabeth Calhoon
aka - EcalBOOM
Google Certified Teacher

Multimedia Poetry SlamBecome part of educational fun and frivolity, and learn an interactive teaching tool that’s useful in any class! Writing a multimedia poem is easier than you may think and you can use the skills and strategies from this session when you return to your classroom. Poems are great tools for students of all ages to use to remember key concepts and make connections to other ideas, so why don't we use it more in our classrooms and staff meetings?
Learn a few quick and free cloud-based tools like Picasaweb Albums, Voicethread, Aviary, Animoto, and more, practice your skills using outlines and guidelines, and we’ll end the session with our very own multimedia poetry slam!
Dr Mark Wagner -aka Captain RandomGoogle Certified Teacher
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4cTZM3wd4l-V7FckKo4p1TibApBTBwiNSXEKFlvby_eVhjbiB7w&t=1
Socialflow for Educators

This session focuses on an introduction to Google Plus, and how to integrate it with Twitter and Facebook. Participants will be challenged to establish a "socialflow" (as opposed to "workflow"), to manage their professional online presence, and to grow their online personal learning network.

external image 2011-07-04-08-58-201838890268.jpg
Kyle Brumbaugh -
aka Captain Cloud
Google Certified Teacher

external image KBrumbaugh.jpg
You can Tube it!
This session will allow anyone to make a movie, regardless of the equipment you or your students have. Using
YouTube's editing tool, you can upload video clips from any device, including your phone and edit them into a work
of art. You can even use other "open source" video clips to add into your video. Great for learning the basics of video
editing! No special software needed. Just you, a computer and an Internet connection.
Jon Corippo -
aka Captain Chaos
Google Certified Teacher

iMovie Mastery: iMovie Mastery Session

Green screen in seconds, learn how to make "snap to beats" music videos, learn to screencast,
use 2d animations from Keynote for videos, and learn all the shots that move you from "tourist" to filmmaker. You
will make a video in this session that you can use to teach your own students how to make better videos.
Resources abound, including free web tools, takeaway PPTs, and loaner HD cameras.
Sean Williams -
aka Caffeine Boy
Google Certified Teacher
Caffiene Boy

Image Mastery - No More Boring Images
Tired of boring images? Want to add spark to your lessons? Take your pictures to the next level! In this session
Rockstars will learn basic photo editing using free web services. Bring your phone to explore using free or cheap
apps and how easy it is to rock your class by going mobile with images. We will explore using filters, layers, and
effects freely available on line as well as image generators that you can use in your classroom Monday.
Diane Main -
aka Camouflage
Google Certified Teacher

PHOTOgraphy FUNdamentals:
Bring your camera (or cameraphone) and we will set up a number of types of shots
around campus. You'll then use Windows Movie Maker or PhotoStory (PC) or iMovie (Mac) to string your work
together with titles, transitions, and music so that you come away with more experience in basic photography as
well as movie-making software. I'll show you some middle school student examples as well.
Will Kimbley -
aka Slate
Google Certified Teacher
YouTube Star Teacher

Screencasting for the Flipped Classroom:

I watch a cooking show, I want to cook. How can I use that in my classroom?

Create and host instructional videos for your students to preview before class.
Bring your laptop and your slate (or your iPad) if you have one, because we will also show you how to never have your back to your classroom again. If you don't have a slate, come anyway and try one out. To save time, download and install Jing for FREE at http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ and set up a free account at http://vimeo.com/

Even if you're not ready to flip your classroom, having instructional videos available will help you and your students when they forget classroom instruction or are absent, so come see how easy it' can be done. This class will build on Will's experiences last year in beginning to flip his classroom and the training he received this summer at the inaugural YouTube's Teacher Studio.

Jim Sill -
aka Hiro Nakamura
Google Certified Teacher
No camera, no editing software, no problem. Learn all the secrets from the first ever You Tube Academy that Jim will co-lead July 28th. You'll learn some of the very newest tools and technique to bring awesome You Tube tricks and tools to YOUR classroom and beyond.
Ken Shelton -
Google Certified Teacher
Session TBA -
Kent Shakespeare

Digital Photography Mastery - Use the pictures you will take on the Yosemite Photo Safari to learn digital photo retouching skills in Ken's ALWAYS full session. Many free tips, tools and tricks, all will assist your digi photo skills in class.