2011 Rock Star Teacher Camp Day ONE (Aug 2, 2011) - Google Day

BRING A LAPTOP - Sessions start at 10am and go until 12 - All Sessions repeat after lunch, from 2 - 4pm

Paid iPad Strand - this is an all day strand, AM is invite only, for the PM session, all are welcome
Mark Hammons -
aka App Man
Apple Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher

Morning: (paid attendees only)
Grab a hold of Apple's new iPad - and place incredible new power at students' & teachers' fingertips. Be among the
first to discover how the iPad impacts the classroom, whether it's true anytime anywhere content development or merging all
60 pounds of textbooks into a 1.5 pound device. A multitude of possibilities exist. Discover some of the best education apps
available to enable students to create, consume and reflect on their learning. We'll cover the basic mechanics and setup of
the iPad, managing & syncing, and then explore some of the built-in apps and features of the iPad!

Afternoon: (any Rock Star may attend)
Tighten your capes… This will be App Mans first adventure after returning from his summer vacation at the
Apple Institute in Arizona. App man is going to take you on a whirlwind adventure of apps and creation possibilities for the iPad.
We'll talk about and play with some of the latest and greatest apps out there, the integration (and creation) of ePub files,
creating some killer content for your class, integrating iTunesU content into your class, and have plenty of
time to share out with everyone.

Rock Star Main Sessions pick any two you like, they repeat in the afternoon
Andrew Schwab -
aka The Podcaster
Google Certified Teacher

Google Apps Super Powers - The Nuts and Bolts of GApps and Students
Bring your Laptops! In this session we’ll create contacts in Google
for communicating with students, setup email tags and filters for
categorizing and grouping student emails by period, Create drop boxes
using Google Docs and Dropbox.com, use a form for super easy homework
turn in, take a peak at Moodle-Google integration, embed a form with a
Khan Academy video in a Google site for summarizing content and turn a
boring worksheet into a fun Google form.
Diane Main -
aka Camouflage
Google Certified Teacher
Google Maps & Google Earth
Use Google Maps and Google Earth to create content for and with your students.
You pick the content area, and we'll find a way to tie it in to geographical locations.
You will also weigh up the differences between Maps and Earth and decide which
is the better choice for your idea. By the end of our session, you will have a great
start on your content to take away with you.
Dave Childers -
aka Green Lantern
Google Certified Teacher
Google Apps for Small Schools and non Google Apps Schools
Google Apps for Education. Come see how a small but tech-savvy school has
used the free Google Apps for Education suite to streamline communications,
increase student productivity, and really cut down on IT costs. Even if your school
doesn't use Google Apps for Education, you will walk away with tools and strategies
to help leverage the technology on any scale.
Kyle Brumbaugh -
aka Captain Cloud
Google Certified Teacher

external image KBrumbaugh.jpg
Google Treasure Hunt

Have you ever wanted to search like a "rock star?" This session will give you all
the tips and tricks to use Google to get immediately to the information you need.
You will also be able to get the search results in any format you want and share
them with your friends or students. This session is not to be missed for the classroom
teacher who wants to be able to provide the right answer for any question at a moments notice.
Alice Keeler & Gini Pierce Cummings -
aka CAT6 & CAT 5
Google Certified Teacher

Save Everyone with Google Sites
Be prepared to shake the universe with Google Sites. Save children from not knowing what
their homework is. Save parents from having to teach their kids math. Impress your fellow
teachers with your SUPER website! Google sites is an easy to use webpage that will integrate
all of your Google tools. Use Google Sites to create a classroom website, to collaborate with
other teachers and to have students create digital portfolios
Sean Williams -
aka Caffeine Boy
Google Certified Teacher

Next Level Google Searches
Google offers so much more than just basic search - Rockstars in this session will take Google
search to the next level. Use Google search to inspire writing? Why not! Build vocabulary with
Google search? You bet! We will not only learn advanced search technique but how to use
various Google search tools to facilitate classroom learning. Rockstars in this session will also
learn the benefits of building a custom Googl\e search engine and create one for use in their classroom.
Will Kimbley -
aka Slate
Google Certified Teacher
YouTube Star Teacher

Google Docs for Classroom Collaboration:

Set up to collaborate with your students to create, share, and edit documents, spreadsheets,
PowerPoint presentations, and online portfolios in Google Docs with your students.

Optional: If you qualify for a Google Apps for Education account - you must either be an accredited educational institution, or a non-profit organization with current 501(c)(3) status - You can create a safe domain within Google Docs for your students to collaborate without requiring an email address for them.

Session Instructions: goo.gl/SeBxb

For comprehensive Docs tutorials:

Tom Barrett’s Blog on Introducing Docs to your Class:

Elizabeth Calhoon -
aka EcalBOOM
Google Certified Teacher

Intervention by Google
To implement "Intensive Intervention" strategies, student schedules are taken over for the purpose
of increasing students' understanding of the curriculum. The net effect of this is that electives and
other high interest courses are taken out of the student schedule and it decreases student attendance
and the level to which they are motivated to engage in high school. "Intervention by Google" uses a
new paradigm to assist teachers in visualizing the use of Google tools and how best to use them to
supplement their existing ELA/Intervention Curriculum or to use the tools as a way to deliver their
current curriculum in a way that is fun, exciting and most of all, engaging for all students.
You'll walk away with an arsenal of FREE Google Tools and you'll have a
head-start on a plan to implement them in your classroom!
Dr. Mark Wagner -
aka Captain Random
Google Certified Teacher

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4cTZM3wd4l-V7FckKo4p1TibApBTBwiNSXEKFlvby_eVhjbiB7w&t=1
Killer Google Research Tools
This session focuses on a suite of "killer research tools" that you can share with your students.Google
Books gives educators and students full-text access to millions of volumes from libraries around the globe.
Google News includes primary documents going back centuries. And Google Scholar gives easy
access to cutting-edge scholarly articles. Learn to tap into these tools for your own professional
development, and how to create a rich site of resources for your students. Leave with a stunning
multimedia Google Site of your own. The demo site, focused on a literary unit for Crime and
Punishment includes YouTube videos of Standford Scholars, an embedded searchable full-text
edition of the book, a discussion forum, a self-grading student quiz, and of course, an essay assignment.
But can Google Forms even help you grade the essay? Come find out...
Jon Corippo -
aka Captain Chaos
Google Certified Teacher

Captain Chaos - aka Dr. Go

Google Forms for Instruction and Leadership
Google Forms might be one of the LEAST used of the Google Apps for Ed tools.
Come and make some forms that can make your life easier, as a teacher or an admin or both.
You'll learnhow to make surveys and forms using open ended, multiple choice and scaled answers.
Jon will share several methods for real time data collection (who needs clickers?) and ways to get work done in class, as well as ways to embed forms and use them for school wide functions and surveys. Click here for the session webpage
Jim Sill
aka Hiro Nakamura
Google Certified Teacher
Google 4 Video
Learn how to create, collaborate, and publish your videos using Google's free tools. Following the stages of production, a video production teachers and Google Certified Teacher will share how you can engage your students with the power of making movies while developing digital skills. Explore Google programs like spreadsheets, presentations, docs, YouTube and more.
Ken Shelton -
Google Certified Teacher
Session TBA -
Kent Shakespeare

Look for something from Ken about Digital Photography, with Picasa as a focus

Ken will be leading a digital photo safari to Yosemite on day 2 (Aug 3) that will leave at 5am.
You do not have to attend this session to go on the Safari!