2011 Rock Star Teacher Camp Day THREE (Aug 4th 2011)
New Pedagogies Day
Make learning different in your classroom!

BRING A LAPTOP - Day THREE Sessions start at 1000 am and go until 1200- All Sessions repeat after lunch, from 200 - 400pm

CK-12 Staffers!

Learn how to make Flexbooks!
CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the access of quality educational material to all students. By providing free, open educational resources, CK-12 provides educators with the ability to take standards-aligned STEM content and customize it to the needs of their students. The CK-12 workshop, lead by Ope Bukola and Todd McPeak, will lead participants through the process of selecting and modifying any book within the CK-12 library, as well an exploration of the various free resources that CK-12 has to offer in addition to these books (including Algebra interactive practice and SAT preparation.)
Netbook Strand:
Andrew Schwab -
aka The Podcaster
Google Certified Teacher

Jim Klein
aka Captain Fr33d0m
Chris Scott
aka The Gamestormer
Learning 2.0: Driving Classroom Transformation with Free Software and Web 2.0

Every day, educators read and hear more about free applications and services that could be used in the classroom, but the what, when, where, and how can be difficult to navigate. This session will consider specific examples of the "best" free applications and services being used and how they might be integrated into the curricula. Experience how powerful open source applications, low cost hardware, and free services can be combined to drive innovation and transform the culture of your classroom. Discover key strategies from innovative school districts have leveraged the power of "free" and what they have learned from the experience.
Alice Keeler & Gini Pierce Cummings -
Google Certified Teacher
COLLABORIZE CLASSROOM: Take your classroom from being the sage on the stage to allowing students to drive the discussions. Collaborize Classroom, once a mild-mannered program until it fell into a vat of toxic sludge, is now designed to transform boring classroom instruction into engaging online activities, assignments and discussions that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom. Want to know what your students are really thinking? You don’t need telepathy. You need Collaborize Classroom!
Dave Childers -
aka Green Lantern
Google Certified Teacher
Making your classroom "Game Show Central." Every classroom needs a break from the norm every so often, and a great way to change up instruction and assessment is to borrow from the "game show" format. Come find out how to incorporate some of the old standards - Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, etc - as well as uncover some that you probably forgot about, or never figured could be used as a classroom foundation.
Dr Mark Wagner -
aka Captain Random
Google Certified Teacher

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4cTZM3wd4l-V7FckKo4p1TibApBTBwiNSXEKFlvby_eVhjbiB7w&t=1
At Google, employees are encouraged to spend 20% of their time on projects of their choosing. This practice has fueled the fantastic pace of innovation at the company in recent years. Many Google features and tools, including Google Scholar, Google News, and even Gmail, started out as 20% projects. This is a great model for teachers to follow with their students. Four days a week, require students to work on the standards and what you assign. One day a week (or an hour a day) offer them the opportunity to make, do, or try something they are interested in learning about. (This is not unlike the popular Senior Project model, but there's no need to wait!) This session will focus on how the 20% model can be implemented in classrooms, and every participant will have to time to try (or kick off) a project of their own!
Kyle Brumbaugh -
aka Captain Cloud
Google Certified Teacher

external image KBrumbaugh.jpg
Extreme Classroom Makeover: Paperless Edition
This session would show teachers how they can "go paperless" in their own classrooms and the different free resources they can provide for their students. You can create your own "online classroom space" to let students access materials, text books, videos and more. The best part of all of this, is that it is 100% free. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and you can make this happen.
Jon Corippo -
aka Captain Chaos
Google Certified Teacher

Powerpoint Karaoke!
Learn the tools and workflows you need to Flip your classroom in class! Make flashcards exciting and memorable. Your kids will beg to be assessed on all the core info - and you'll be super geeky, super techie and add speaking and listening skills to any subject and any grade level. We'll play a round of PPK and then you'll use the tools to make your own decks. Get as detailed as you want....you want students to answer via Google Form, make their own quizzes at Purposegames.com or Quizlet? You'll know how to do them all!

Sean Williams -
aka Caffeine Boy
Google Certified Teacher
School is no longer constrained to how far the bus can travel in the morning or by school hours. In this session learn to be a blended learning Rockstar by engaging your students after the school bell. Learn tips and tricks for creating project based learning environments that motivate students and build community and creativity in an on line space. We will also look at how to use easy, free tools to support what you are already doing in the classroom to give students more opportunities to learn on their own schedule.
Diane Main -
aka Camouflage
Google Certified Teacher

Thinking outside the box? Why do we keep our students boxed up indoors? Flip your classroom right out the door! Come learn about ways to use GPS technology with your students for geocaching, data collection, and other ideas. We'll spend most of our time indoors (due to the heat at Minarets) while we learn how to use GPS receivers and how they can be used with students. Then we'll go outside (briefly) to try it out.
Will Kimbley -
aka Slate
Google Certified Teacher
YouTube Star Teacher

The Flipped Classroom:

What is the Flipped Classroom? This session explores the various types of Flipped classroom and gives you a place to explore the possibilities and design your plan. We'll also cover and practice tools you need to get started - Screencasting, Google Forms, etc.

Extend from Day 2, or start today to create and host instructional videos for your students to preview before class. Bring your laptop and your slate (or your iPad) if you have one, because we will also show you how to never have your back to your classroom again. If you don't have a slate, come anyway and try one out. To save time, download and install Jing for FREE at http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ and set up a free account at http://vimeo.com/

Even if you're not ready to flip your classroom, having instructional videos available will help you and your students when they forget classroom instruction or are absent, so come see how easy it' can be done. This class will build on Will's experiences last year in beginning to flip his classroom and the training he received this summer at the inaugural YouTube' Teacher Studio.

Jim Sill -
aka Hiro Nakamura
Google Certified Teacher
Crowd Sourcing Classroom Projects
When you can't find all the solutions to your driving questions, you start asking around for help. Sometimes you have to ask outside of your classroom, school or even city. Insert Social Media here! Using examples from the Remaining Young Project, a classroom teen pregnancy prevention project, you will develop skills on how to utilize your student's Google Site, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more. We will collaboratively to reach out to the world for help in finding solutions to our very own project.
Elizabeth Calhoon
aka - EcalBOOM
Google Certified Teacher

Collaborative Learnership - Shifting the Paradigm
Are you interested in instructional leadership and sticking your toe in the pool of administration? Then, jump on in! In this session, you will have an opportunity to see how traditional views of administrative leadership are changing, we are becoming more collaborative and we are at the forefront of this shift in the definitions of leadership. Work on developing a Google Site and personal action plan to set yourself up for success, whether you’re just thinking about school leadership, beginning an administrative program or already in a position and want to sharpen your skills.